Reliability og CM

Kurset gir en innføring i mulighetene ved tilstandsbasert vedlikehold. Kurset gir en gjennomgang av de forskjellige typer tilstandskontroll samt en innføring i grunnleggende feilsøking, analyseforståelse, testing og FMEC. Kurset vil bli undervist på engelsk. This course will be taught in english

This course provides a brief overview of the condition-based maintenance and precision maintenance practices, a review of the condition monitoring technologies, and an introduction to root cause failure analysis, acceptance testing, and the FMECA process.

This course is ideal for Reliability engineers; condition monitoring team leaders; plant managers, maintenance managers and others in the maintenance and production departments who wish to understand why reliability should be improved, and how to improve it.

Some of the issues we will look closer into:
Understanding maintenance philosophies Breakdown or run-to-failure maintenance When is it economically justifiable? Scheduled or calendar-based maintenance, is there a significant flaw in this method? Predictive or condition-based maintenance, what are the benefits? Planned maintenance versus unplanned. Precision or reliability centered maintenance and the philosophical difference

Understanding OEE, Understanding risk and minimizing risk. Reliability, condition monitoring and insurance. Improving the bottom line Cut maintenance costs or improve OEE? Improving reliability taking care of the simple things.

Bearing and seal installation, precision shaft and belt alignment, precision balancing, resonance control, improving lubrication.

Acceptance testing, FMECA and Root cause failure analysis, Condition monitoring overview

Is condition monitoring still necessary if you improve reliability?

Vibration analysis, oil analysis and wear particle analysis. Infrared analysis or thermography, ultrasound and acoustic emission. Electric motor testing, rolling element bearing testing, performance monitoring.

Case studies will be presented throughout the seminar that demonstrates the financial benefits of predictive maintenance and reliability, and they demonstrate how each technology can be implemented in order to detect fault conditions and diagnose the severity and nature of the fault condition.


Coursetime: 11 hours

Price: 4500 NOK

Courseinstructor: Kent Addison Long

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