Karsten Moholt is the Norwegian Agent for HVPD Solutions

HVPD are experts in Partial Discharge insulation condition monitoring for high voltage (HV) cables and plant assets.

Their condition monitoring technologies are used to support Condition-Based Management schemes applied to both medium voltage (3.3 kV to 36 kV) and high voltage (66 kV+) power networks. HVPD’s expertise includes:

  • On-line Partial Discharge diagnostic testing service for in-service MV and HV cables and plant and asset management advice.    
  • Off-line Partial Discharge factory testing and at-site commissioning tests of installed cables and plant.
  • Temporary and Permanent monitoring and remote PD data analysis service solutions.

HVPD supply test services and equipment to over 300 customers in 90 countries and have the widest field and applications experience of any company in the market. HVPD’s knowledge base is built upon the platform of on-going R&D work in conjunction with a number of Universities, carried out by HVPD’s Directors and Senior Engineers over the past 30+ years.

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